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Fixie-Dittie-karaoke «Tideesh», Фиксипелка Тыдыщ
Fixie-Dittie-karaoke «Tideesh» (From the hit series “The Fixies”)
А не спеть ли нам фиксипелку на английском языке? Присоединяйтесь!

When your TV has broken,
When your cellphone has croaked.
Your laptop’s barely working,
The kettle’s had a stroke.

Don’t ask us where we’re going
For it’s known far and wide,
That any kind of problem
Is clearer from inside.

One, two three — Tideesh!
Inside we’ll be — Tideesh!
To fix what’s wrong — Tideesh!
Till it runs strong – Tideesh!

In gadgets and devices
Our work will never end,
Appliances are fickle
They need a loyal friend.

At morning, noon, and midnight
Of every single day
When there is an emergency
You know we’re on our way!

We live to keep on working
And work for us is fun
So we’ll just keep on working
Cause our work’s never done.

And deep inside of gadgets
If you look when it’s dark
You might just see us race around
Like multi-colored sparks.

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